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various process available

f logos

metal F logo surface treatment with optional various color or carbon

cover of rear view mirror

customized carbon work

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Motor tech specializes in solutions!
A team of enthusiastic people who get together from field of stamping , precision machine, casting, bending , laser cutting and build parts for medical, Auto, scooter, motorcycle , A/UTV products.

With years experience in manufacturing and trading . What facilities we got, that doesn't make us stand out , but solution and enthusiasm do!

At the beginning , We do stamping work only then get chance to supply bending and welding work. Then other relative process demanded , for adapt some projects better , we supply machine , casting , laser , sewing work as well to get production wise. It results in , the production chain be vertical Integrated here, it leads cost down , good quality control , efficient lead time.

Additional, we located in Taiwan , where's one of the top supply chain of the world.
We profit from that when developing and sourcing products. We utilized the knowledge in manufacturing and trading and the strongest back up to help.

Very appreciate for the support ,that let us commit to be the reliable partner , for improve our self we do 3ST , that means; Best, Cost, Fast; The best quality with fair cost, and fast solution. When you getting stronger , we get stronger also. By this way , we grow up with you.

An enthusiastic team +master workers = motor tech

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